Aseil Al-Shehail

Aseil Al-Shehail has dedicated the bulk of her career to conducting research for and supporting children’s rights and human rights. She has especially focused her efforts on issues related to children’s rights, in addition to social, humanitarian, and cultural affairs.
She has worked to combat and prevent trafficking of women and children, has worked on several general assembly resolutions regarding children’s rights, and has prepared reports, analyses, and recommendations related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Aseil Al-Shehail has served on boards of numerous international organizations. She was the former vice-chair to the committee on the rights of the child CRC, and an elected treaty body member to the united nations convention on the rights of the child.


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Protecting children’s rights is one of the cornerstones of human rights. Around the world, there are children being exploited and mistreated. 


Around the world, there are many areas where attention must be paid to basic human rights


Throughout the world, there are areas where human rights are being restricted.